Types of Bets

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Types of Bets

This article will explain the different types of bets that can be made online.


The most common type of bet to place is a single.  This involves betting on the outcome of one event.  You can bet on a win/draw/loss or winner of a particular horse race; and it includes bets such as first-time-scorer, any-time-scorer, correct score prediction etc… 

Doubles, Trebles and Multi-way bets

If you bet on two outcomes or more, it is called an accumulator bet.  A bet on two outcomes is called a double (e.g. betting on Man Utd and Chelsea winning their respective games).

Accumulator bets have massive odds which means you can win a lot more than placing two single bets.  The downside is that each game is dependent on the other and you need to get both results right to win money. 

To calculate accumulator bets, all you have to do is multiple each of the outcome’s odds to get the total decimal odds.  For example, let’s say that you place £5 on a double bet: one outcome is 4.2 odds and the other is 3.0.   Simply multiple 4.2 x 3.0 = 12.6 x £5 = £63 for an accumulator win.

The great thing about accumulator bets is that you can usually place as many as you want.  888 Sport lets you place up to 12 accumulator bets at a time.  Very often betting sites will offer accumulators as promotions to players which contain excellent odds.  A common accumulator bet in football is to bet on the winner of the top 3 leagues.

Long and Short Term Bets

Nothing complicated about these.  Long term bets are when you bet on the outcome of an event that won’t take place for a while (e.g. 2 weeks up to 10 years).  The advantages of placing bets so early before the event is that the odds can be higher however the downside is that your money will be tied.