Tennis Betting Guide

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A lot of new tennis bettors assume they can only bet on what player they think is going to win the match, but that isn’t the case when you bet on tennis with an online sportsbook. You can bet on lots of different types of tennis bets and we’re actually going to walk you through each of the types of bets, so that you’re prepared to make as much profit as possible while betting on tennis.

How to Read Moneyline Odds 

When you bet on most types of tennis bets you’ll need to be able to understand moneyline odds. Below is an example of a match bet in tennis.

  • Rafael Nadal -275 vs. Novak Djokovic +255

To determine what player is favoured in the match you need to look at the odds. The favoured team will have (-) odds while the player that is the underdog will have (+) odds. When you have (-) odds the number equates to how much you need to bet to win $100 while (+) odds equate to how much you can win on a $100 wager. With this information we can determine that we’d need to bet $275 to win $100 on Nadal or bet $100 to win $255 on Djokovic.

Types of Tennis Bets 

  • Match Betting – Betting on a tennis player to win the match outright.
  • Game/Set Handicap – If you want to bet on a big favourite you should look at the odds on game and set handicap bets because the juice is much lower. You can bet on a favourite to win by a certain amount of sets/games or you can bet on the underdog tennis player to not lose by a certain amount of sets/games.
  • Total Sets/Games Bet – You can bet on the over/under on whether a tennis match will go over or under a certain number of sets or games. This bet is great to lower the juice on favourites as well.
  • Set Betting – You can bet on the tennis player you think is going to win the 1st set or you can bet on how many sets you think it’ll take a player to win. For instance, you could bet on Nadal at 2-1, which means he’d need to win the match 2-1 in 3 sets for the bet to win.
  • You can also bet on tournament winners in tennis before each major tournament begins. This bet is known as a futures bet, since you’re betting on the player you think will win a tournament before it even starts. The payout odds are typically decent on this type of tennis bet.

In tennis betting on the favourite to simply win the match isn’t always a smart decision. You need to ensure that you’re not risking huge amounts of money to win small amounts of money every time you bet on tennis. Look at the game/set handicap bets to lower the juice you need to risk on big favourites. Typically you’ll be able to win more money by betting on the game/set handicap bets, since losing one match won’t wipe away weeks worth of profit.