Pinnacle Sports Releases Mobile Web-App

August 8, 2012 - by mosesbet · Filed Under Sports News Comments Off on Pinnacle Sports Releases Mobile Web-App 

It has now been a couple weeks since Pinnacle Sports released their mobile web-app, but we wanted to update bettors on the news, as the mobile betting experience at Pinnacle is now much better. Pinnacle may be the best bookmaker from a pure value standpoint because they often have the best odds due to their incredibly low margins, but they’ve struggled with mobile.

Pinnacle has been mobile enabled for awhile now, but bettors could only access the normal Pinnacle website. This caused a lot of problems for bettors for numerous reasons. Trying to sign into your account from a mobile device was even a problem in the past, but the new web-app is a huge step forward for Pinnacle Sports and is great news for serious handicappers.

Features of the Pinnacle Sports Web-App

There are a number of different types of bets that can be placed through the new mobile web-app, but one downside is that you can’t wager on parlays or teasers through the web-app. The good news is mobile bettors can switch between the web-app and the normal website, so if you need to place a bet that isn’t listed on the web-app it’s possible to still place that bet.

One of the best features allows mobile bettors to check off a box that says “Accept Better Odds”, which simply means that if the odds change in your favour before you place the wager the bet will still go through. Pinnacle’s odds change fast and one of the main problems mobile bettors had was that they had to resubmit bets multiple times in most cases to beat line moves.

The web-app allows mobile bettors to bet in-play markets as well. Bettors will also be able to look at their account balance and statement at all times through the web-app. Some features that aren’t available yet include the ability to register a new account and the ability to fund your account. These two features are in the development stage and Pinnacle will release them soon.

Pinnacle has already translated the web-app that’s optimized for smartphones into every language they currently offer. The only different about the new web-app is that it’s actually developed to work on mobile devices and tablets rather than computers. If you compare Pinnacle’s web-app to the competition they still don’t compete with the major bookmakers yet in terms of mobile.

With the NFL season coming up and more bettors using their mobile device to wager on sports it was about time that Pinnacle released the mobile web-app. The good news about being able to bet on your mobile device more effortlessly is that you can get the odds you want on your all of your bets including your NFL football picks for the upcoming season.

To get started wagering with the new web-app you need to open an account with Pinnacle on their website. Once you have an account you can access the web-app using your log-in credentials. Before you can bet you also need to fund your account using the cashier on Pinnacle’s website, as the web-app isn’t functional with the cashier yet.