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Betting Reviews

Choosing a betting site to wager on all your favourite teams and sports can be a difficult task.  Being a serious sports better, you want to sign up to a sports betting site with a solid reputation and  which offers punters competitive odds.

There are a number of stalwart betting sites which have a long blooded history offering bets to the geneal public; however each online betting site offers something slightly to players. Sites like Bet365 are the composite “all round” betting site: with competitive odds, excellent deals, live odds and results and Live TV streams for major games.  Your Bodog’s are the cool/hottest sportsbooks in online gaming.  Bodog offer more in terms of looks and glamour, as well as lines that focus heavily on US major sports.  Paddy Power is a funky new betting site that is one of my favourites.  Although their betting odds don’t break any boundaries, Paddy Power’s promotions and match specials such as “Refunds on Any Time Scorers” provide a more exciting way to bet.

Finally, there are what’s known as Sports Betting Exchanges.  Betfair is the world’s largest betting exchange, and instead of wagering against the house you’re actualy laying or or backing against fellow punters – in what is also been marketed in the UK as”Fan v Fan” betting.  Nowadays Betfair offers the most competitive odds (about 10% above the industry norm) because instead of placing a margin on the odds, they make their money as a 5% cut from winning bets only.  These also means that losing bets don’t pay any fee to the house!

What to Look for When Choosing a Betting Site:

From my own experiences betting online, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable using the site’s software and are able to navigate its layout.  I think Bet365 or Paddy Power are the perfect betting sites for the beginner because they offer a very simple sign-up process and placing bets, picking games and understanding the odds is made easy.  Many of the best UK betting sites offer their own in-house match previews and features for football games (written by leading football TV pundits) which definately help players get a feel of what the game’s outcome will be.

Obviously, the second most important thing is the betting odds themselves and how competitive they are within the online market. Although domestic UK brands like Bet365 and Ladbrokes entrench themsevles in Premier League sponsoring, a lot of the time it’s the foreign companies such as Unibet (Swedish) which offer the best odds because they’re still trying to squeeze themselves into the market.  In general though, players don’t have to worry about being ripped off by high street bookmakers – but I strongly encourage using comparing different odds before a major tournament such as the Fifa World Cup.

Other notable things to look out for in betting sites are those with additional features that players can take advantage of.  All the top UK betting sites offer Live TV streaming for major games (Bet365 screen Champions League knockout games on occasions for example).  This is a fantastic feature betting whilst watching the game at your computer!  Deposit bonuses, rewards schemes, calculators, mobile betting and unique articles are other premium features.  Personally, I really like Paddy Power’s betting site because they constantly run great promotions and their current offers are always displayed onscreen so you don’ miss them.

In terms of how long you should stay at a betting site, I don’t really view loyalty as important.  Very rarely do sites reward winnng bettors (Ladbrokes rewards scheme aside), and the betting bonuses to take advantage of at other sites after signing up combined with the massive number of sites available means in total you can place hundreds of pounds in free bets without risking your own money!