Online Betting vs. Mobile Sports Betting

November 24, 2011 - by mosesbet · Filed Under iPad Betting Comments Off on Online Betting vs. Mobile Sports Betting 

Online sports betting is one of the most widely used platforms for gambling. With the steady increase in the number of bettors who’re placing bets through their mobile phones, it’s no surprise that mobile sports betting have also experienced a boom.

The fast paced growth of this industry is connected to the increase in usage of smartphones, and all that growth is all set to continue for the next few years.  One Bet365 marketing manager even said that he expected mobile betting revenue to overtake online betting very soon.

Bet from Anywhere

One of the major advantages that both online and mobile gaming platforms share is that they are accessible from anywhere in the world. In addition to this, both have access to all the betting markets and betting options.

The difference is that while an online betting site requires bettors to use a computer and access the site that way, mobile betting applications can access the information directly from the phone. In fact, many mobile phones can now access online betting sites through web applications too but the reverse is usually not possible.

Mobile gaming has shown itself to be a versatile and dynamic industry. Despite being a newer technology, it has already set itself up as competition for online sites. Mobile phones even have live streaming options for bettors who are on the move.

Convenience and Efficiency

Mobile phones and tablets are more convenient than computers, even if the computer is portable. This is because the information you require is literally at the palm of your hand. It is much easier to carry around a phone, iPad or a tablet PC. Not only is it more convenient but it is also more efficient. With a smart phone, there is hardly any need for a computer. This is because you can do everything you want to on a single device.

A mobile phone’s features can range from phone calls to internet browsing and video chat. In addition to this, the battery life on such devices is good. You can play games, make bets and use typical phone functions like text messaging, email, internet browsing, etc, without draining the battery. Phones now also feature mobile betting applications which are interruptible, i.e. if your bet making is interrupted by another function like a phone call, the application will pause itself and wait for you to resume your bet making.

Differences in User-Interface

Computers were designed to be used for more intensive functions. Mobile phone interfaces are designed to be used quickly and easily. They are meant to be simpler than computer operating systems and more user-friendly. This is one of the chief reasons why mobile gaming platforms are becoming more popular. Additionally, mobile phones or tablets give the bettor a more hands-on feeling. They feel more personally connected to what they are doing.

Quality of Applications

More and more online gaming sites are branching out into mobile betting. Most of the sites that have moved into this industry are well established in the online betting scene as well. This has resulted in mobile betting applications being of excellent quality and being backed by well funded and popular online sites.