NHL Sports Betting Guide

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Betting on the NHL is very profitable if you know what you’re doing. If you decide to bet on the NHL try to make sure you bet on underdogs as much as possible or else you’ll end up slowly losing your bankroll because of the juice.

Whether you want to bet on NHL from your home or on the go with your mobile device you’ll be able to at the top NHL betting sites. Read through our brief introduction to NHL betting and make sure you understand the types of bets as well as how to read moneyline odds.

How to Read Moneyline Odds 

When you bet on the NHL you’re going to deal with moneyline odds for most of the bets that you make. You need to be able to tell what team is favoured and what team isn’t or else you’ll be lost trying to bet on the games.

  • Toronto Maple Leafs -120 vs. Montreal Canadiens +110

The team with the (-) in front of the odds is always favoured over the team with the (+) in front of the odds. If both teams have a (-) sign it means the game is expected to be extremely close. In our example the Leafs are favoured over the Canadiens. To win $100 on the Leafs you’d need to bet $120 where if you bet just $100 on the Canadiens you’d win $110 based on the odds.

Types of NHL Bets

  • The most type of wager in hockey is a moneyline bet where you simply pick what team is going to win. You can also bet on the game going into overtime or a shootout if you wish, but most casual bettors focus on betting the full game. Your team only needs to win the game in regulation or overtime to win a straight moneyline bet in the NHL.
  • Another popular hockey bet is on the over/under of a game. You can wager on whether you think both teams (game total) will score over or under a predetermine amount of goals or whether a single team (team total) will score over or under a predetermine number of goals.
  • You can also bet on puckline bets in the NHL, which is like betting on a point spread. You can bet on a team to win by small spreads including -.5, -1, -1.5 and sometimes more at various sportsbooks. You can also bet on a team not to lose by +.5 (regulation only), +1 and +1.5. Betting on the puckline is smart when you want to bet a big favourite, but don’t want to risk a lot of juice.
  • Other popular bets in the NHL include prop bets, futures bets and parlays. Some NHL betting sites will allow you to bet on single periods of a game as well, which can add even more excitement to a game you’re watching. Don’t forget that you can also bet on NHL games using your mobile device at the sportsbooks we recommend. You’ll also find live betting markets on certain NHL games throughout the season if you decide to bet with the Bodog Sportsbook.