New Player’s Guide to Betting Sites

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New Player’s Guide to Online Betting Sites

Having chosen your preferred betting site using our betting reviews it’s now time to create an account.  Click on the betting site link which will take you to the homepage and click “join now” or “create account now” to get started.  There should be a very simple form to fill in (takes no more than 2 minutes) and this will ask for various contact details and an email address which you will have to verify.

After successfully signing up, most bookmakers will now have a free bet or instant deposit bonus that you can place.  Sometimes this free offer requires you making a deposit first, so in order to make your first deposit go to the cashier and click deposit options.  There will be a range of deposit options including credit cards, debit cards, moneybookers and neteller. If players have difficulty depositing they can contact the customer support or live chat services if available.

After the 10 minutes it’s taken to register an account a deposit, it’s now time to get a feel for the site.  Click the various menu tabs to navigate around the site and read about the extra features such as mobile betting and calculators.  These may become very useful at a later point.  To browse the range of events and sports to bet on, click on the sport (found in the left-hand side bar) and narrow down your specifications such as Premier League or Serie B fixtures.   The odds for each game will be displayed next to the kickoff date.  Sometimes sites such as Betfair and 888 Sport will even show how many bets are being wagered on a particular game.

To play a bet, all you have to is click on the “place bet” button under the odds that are displayed.  UK users will be more familiar with the decimal point/fraction system – for example a win might pay 4.3 (this means players will win £4.30p for each pound that they bet).  Players can normally choose from a range of betting options including single bets, any-time scorers, combo and multi-way bets.

Once you have chosen your selected bet, a new bet slip or form should appear on screen.  This needs to be confirmed and provides you with a receipt for your transaction.  All of your current bet can be viewed by finding the “existing bets”, “bets in action” or “betting slip” menu.  Help buttons will also be quite handy for new players in explaining how to place a bet on particular events, along with the terms and conditions including when you’ll be paid.

When it’s time to withdraw your winning, click on the cashier tab and go to withdrawals: this will give users a selection of withdrawal methods to choose from.  Depending on the site and method, withdrawals may be instant or can take several days to process.

That concludes the beginners guide to betting sites.  Good luck in all of your punts!