New Mobile Trading App for City Index Customers

March 23, 2012 - by mosesbet · Filed Under Sports News Comments Off on New Mobile Trading App for City Index Customers 

The latest iPhone app from City Index allows customers of the site to trade from any part of the world at their convenience. Both CFD trading and spread betting customers who have accounts with City Index can access the mobile app on iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.

Mobile Trading on the Rise  

According to reports released in 2011 February, about 15% of trades placed by City Index customers are through mobile phones. City Index’s main market strategist, Joshua Raymond stated that trading via mobiles will very soon be spread betting’s future. The same view is shared by the company’s clients who have become increasingly inclined to trading through mobile phones in the past few months.

Main Features of the Mobile App

One of the best features offered by the iPhone trading app is the option to check the recent market fluctuations and updated prices. Bettors can trade from any place across the world at any time and can also access the charting package. A big advantage of using the iPhone trading app is that it gives bettors access to the latest investment news in the world, based on which they can trade.

Through the app, City Index customers can also monitor the markets in which they are interested and access all varieties of order types. A special trading package has been created for betting via City Trading. Customers using the app will have the opportunity to customize the tabs on their home computers to suit trading requirements. Bettors can also see their account overview which includes the cash balance and current P&L.

Those placing bets through mobiles at City Index will have access to a large number of spread betting markets, which is one of the key reasons the company has a big customer base.

Although the iPhone trading app offers a wide range of benefits, it comes with a few risks, one if which is impulsive trading. With customers being constantly exposed to movements in price, they may place a trade without analyzing the market. Ideally, bets should be placed after good market research.