NBA Sports Betting Guide

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Betting on the NBA isn’t as popular as some other sports in the United States, but it still attracts bettors from around the world. In the past few years more bettors from around the world have started betting on the NBA because more and more international players have been coming over to play in the league. You can bet on the NBA at every online sportsbook, but we’re going to make sure you know the basics before we send you on your way.

How to Read Point Spread Odds 

In the NBA you can bet on the moneyline or point spread, but most games you’re better off betting on the point spread. Below is an example of how a point spread bets looks.

  • Toronto Raptors +5.5 vs. Memphis Grizzlies -5.5

The team with the (-) in front of the odds is favoured and that team needs to win the game by more than the spread. In our example the Grizzlies need to win their game by 6 or more points in order to cover the point spread. The Raptors could actually lose by 5 and still stay within the point spread. Typically the odds on a point spread bet will be -110 for both teams, which means you’d need to bet $110 to win $100 on either side.

Types of NBA Bets 

  • A moneyline bet is when you bet on one team to win the game over another team. The team just needs to win and the number of points they win by is irrelevant.
  • A point spread bet is when you bet on a team to cover the point spread or stay within the point spread. You can bet on the favourite to win by a set amount of points or the underdog to not lose by a set amount of points.
  • A over/under bet is when you bet on both teams scoring over or under the point total posted at your sportsbook. You can also bet on team totals where you’re betting on the over/under for just one team in a game and not both teams.
  • A parlay bet is a bet with more than one outcome on the ticket. You need to win each outcome on your parlay in order to win the prize, but the payout odds are often huge. The more games you add to your parlay the higher the payout odds will be on your ticket.
  • Most sportsbooks offer betting lines on NBA quarters and each NBA half. You can bet on the 1st half of a game or you can watch the 1st half and bet on the 2nd half of the game. You can also bet on each quarter, which can help cover you if your team doesn’t end up winning the game, but come out strong and win the 1st quarter.
  • You can also bet on prop bets and futures bets in the NBA. You can bet on whether a player will score over/under a certain number of points or you can bet on what team you think will win the NBA Championship. The possibilities are basically endless, but make sure you only bet on props and futures that you feel offer value and a great chance at winning.