Live Betting

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Live Betting

Live betting is also known as In-Play-Betting.  It has become very popular these days due to the advances in technology and software.  I can’t tell you how much money I’ve personally made from live betting.  It is a great feature to bet on, especially if you can get a feel for the game and how it will turn out.

Live betting lets you bet on events and matches as they are being played.  Unlike fixed odds, in live play betting the odds are continually updated in a live market place.

The odds for live betting vary according to the duration of the game and other factors.  If a penalty, freekick or red card has been awarded, then the market place will pause for a few seconds until the odds are adjusted to account for the advantage.  This actually prevents arbitrary betting and taking advantage of the bookie, for example, betting on the win as soon as team gets a penalty.

Reading the flow of the game and making quick decisions can be important to making more money.  If you feel a team is playing better than expected then it’s advantageous to bet on them or increase your wager during the game – before this is reflected in the odds update. For example, if an underdog is dominating the possession, flow of play and shots on target then you can receive profitable odds to wager on them.

Insurance is one of my favorite elements of live betting.  If you placed a fixed odds bet at the beginning of the game and things are going your way (e.g. your team is 1-0 up), then I recommend placing a small-sized “insurance” bet on a draw as the game progresses.  By placing a small £1 or £2 bet on a draw at odds of 20-1 you can sacrifice a tiny proportion of your winnings to almost guarantee a pay day.  Punters can get very good odds as the time peters out because the chances of a team conceding are very low.  In football in particular however, last minute wonder goals and extra-time excitement are a common occurrence, especially amongst experienced teams who can grind results out.

In live betting, the favorites are nearly always under-priced which makes betting against them extremely profitable.  Remember that Chelsea lost 6 when they won the 09/10 Premier League crown.  The big teams don’t always win.  In cup runs in particular underdogs can be extremely surprising and there are always one or two belittled teams who usurp all expectations.

Which Bookmakers offer Live Betting?

Almost every high street bookmaker offers live or In-Play Betting.  My recommended choices are William Hill (£30 bonus t&c apply only new members 18+) and Paddy Power (£25 bonus t&c apply only new members 18+).