iPhone Sports Betting Sites

Recommended iPhone Sports Betting Sites in 2018

With so many impressive iPhone sports betting apps in the market, iPhone users can now make wagers on their iPhone at a number of sports betting sites both in the UK and US.

One of the benefits of using the iPhone for sports betting is that it’s extremely easy to download apps on to your phone from the App Store, plus the sports betting apps that sites such as Betfair and William Hill have developed are extremely user-friendly and exciting to use.

Most iPhone sports betting apps give you complete access to your account, make deposits/withdrawals, and place bets across any of the fixed odds or live markets on your iPhone.

Best iPhone Sports Betting Sites:

There are several major names in the iPhone sports betting market, and you can easily choose one that you prefer to bet with. Two of the best options for iPhone sports betting are:

  • Betfair iPhone Sports Betting (UK): The Betfair iPhone app gives you access to the full range of markets covered by this leading sportsbook. You can use your existing Betfair account on the app, and also get access to in-play betting. Along with being able to place bets, you can also watch the sports events live on your iPhone with this app.

William Hill Mobile Advert for Mobile Betting in the UK:

History of iPhone Sports Betting in the UK and USA

Although it seems like sports betting on the iPhone has been around forever because of all of the William Hill Mobile and Ladbrokes Mobile adverts that we’ve been bombarded with on TV during Premier League matches in the last year, iPhone sports betting only became a reality towards the end of 2010.

Betfair was the first UK bookmaker to launch an official iPhone sports betting app in October 2010.  The Betfair app gives users full access to all of their online markets, including in-play betting, plus the ability to make deposits nd withdrawal through a number of methods.

Shortly after Betfair Labs launched their iPhone app, other UK bookmakers such as Bet365, Victor Chandler, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power followed suit.  Each of these apps essentially provided the same mobile sports betting features, including total access to their online sports betting markets, live odds and depositing and withdrawals on the go.

Since these first betting apps were released, similar apps for the Android, iPad and Blackberry were developed, with a number of bookmakers seeing growth in mobile betting revenue increase up to 400% per annum, the majority of this growth coming from the in-play betting markets.

In the US, popular sportsbooks such as Sporsbook.com (launched in 1999) and BetUS.com came up with their own iPhone apps for US players in early 2011, however both of these rooms closed down in April 2011 after “Black Friday”.  For a short while, there was a huge gap in the market for US mobile sports betting until BetOnline.com and Bodog launched their own mobile sports services.

iPhone betting app features to look for:

Live streaming of events: Sports betting apps for the iPhone generally come with the live streaming option. This will allow you to watch the event as it takes place. The speed of streaming will depend on the internet connection you have for your device. Most sites also allow bettors to make in-play bets, as they watch an event in real time. When paired with live streaming, it allows you to watch a match, check the odds and place bets. These bets are much more exciting, as the outcome unfolds in front of your eyes at the same time.

Options and bet types: The wagering options and sports betting markets that sites typically offer on the iPhone are the same as those online. You are likely to get as many options for wagering and winning on your mobile device, as you would on your PC. However, you should still make sure that the events you typically follow and would like to bet on, as well as the kind of bets that you typically place, are covered by the app.

Odds and records: Sports betting apps come with features like live odds. Based on the event, the odds will be available for bets on teams or players. The app should allow you to check the latest odds with ease so that you can make an informed decision while placing your bets. Records of the bets you have placed should also be provided through your sports betting account which can be accessed through your iPhone.