US Sports Betting

MLS Sports Betting Guide

The MLS is becoming more popular with each passing year and it won’t be long before more sports bettors start to look at betting more regularly on MLS games.

Bookmakers don’t spend nearly as much time setting MLS lines and therefore smart handicappers will be able to find lots of value … more

Tennis Betting Guide

A lot of new tennis bettors assume they can only bet on what player they think is going to win the match, but that isn’t the case when you bet on tennis with an online sportsbook. You can bet on lots of different types of tennis bets and we’re actually … more

NBA Sports Betting Guide

Betting on the NBA isn’t as popular as some other sports in the United States, but it still attracts bettors from around the world. In the past few years more bettors from around the world have started betting on the NBA because more and more international players have been coming … more

MLB Sports Betting Guide

The baseball season is very long and the teams play tons of games every season. Lots of sports bettors love betting on MLB since there are always lots of baseball games to bet on everyday during the season. If you bet on the NFL you only get to bet 2-3 … more

NHL Sports Betting Guide

Betting on the NHL is very profitable if you know what you’re doing. If you decide to bet on the NHL try to make sure you bet on underdogs as much as possible or else you’ll end up slowly losing your bankroll because of the juice.

Whether you want to bet … more

NFL Betting Guide

The NFL is one of the most widely bet on sports in the world in terms of dollar figures and millions of people every year place bets on the outcome of football games. In the past decade betting on sports has become easy for anyone, as sports’ betting has been … more

US Android Sports Betting Sites

US Android Betting Sites

The Android mobile network has been growing at an alarming rate lately and there are now over 200 million people around the world using an Android mobile device.  With the number of Android users increasing around the world the android sportsbook industry has started to heat up … more

Mobile Sportsbook Bonuses

Mobile Sportsbook Bonuses

There have been a lot of new mobile sportsbooks opening up in the past year and this has added more competition to the industry, which is always a good thing for sports bettors. The increase of mobile sportsbooks has ensured that bettors will have more options and be … more

US Sportsbook Deposit Options

The only way to bet with an online sportsbook is by “posting up” or more simply put, making a deposit into your account. In order to be able to place a wager you need to have enough funds in your account to cover the bet.


How to Choose a US Sportsbook?

The most important decision any sports bettor is going to make is choosing where to bet. The only land-based betting shops in the United States are in Nevada, which makes it difficult to gamble if you don’t live in Nevada.

If you’d like to bet … more