Bet2Go Completes Ten Years in Mobile Betting

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Bet2Go Completes Ten Years in Mobile Betting

The weekend of 2nd and 3rd June 2012 is the tenth anniversary of Bet2Go. The completion of ten years since its launch is an occasion to be remembered not only by Bet2Go but also the rest of the mobile sports betting industry. As one of the first mobile betting companies, Bet2Go is viewed as a pioneer in mobile sports betting.

CEO thrilled with Bet2Go’s progress

CEO of Collectivity Limited, operator of Bet2Go, Marcel Pyuk said that it was very exciting to be associated with mobile betting. He said that although it seems like a long time since they started, mobile betting has only been increasing as a market with exceptional progress. The users of Bet2Go are needy for better services, resulting in initiating, improving and developing new ways to reach them. He said that reminiscing about initial days during a celebratory moment like this was inevitable, but the mobile betting world is a fast moving one.

He also said that he was thrilled with the smart phone app work which is being developed. It is going to prove to be a forward change in the company’s service, he said. He also mentioned that the Euro 2012 Championship is shaping up to be a new milestone for the mobile betting industry and Bet2Go intends to be an integral part of it.

Tracing Bet2Go’s progress

Initially when Bet2Go was launched there were no mobile phone apps available. Players could place their bets through their mobile devices using the WAP service, which is still functional today. Most of the site users who first signed up with Bet2Go remain its loyal customers to this day. The present app that is utilized by Bet2Go to collect bets has come a long way. In 2005, the J2ME downloadable version became available for the very first time as the one and only app that could be downloaded, complete with images and colors.

Bet2Go was initially promoted by mobile operators through their portals. Users of Bet2Go could make comparisons and place bets across a wide variety of bookmakers including William Hill, BoyleSports, Paddy Power, Blue Square and Ladbrokes. Bet2Go also allows players to compare bets that are accumulated so they can know what the final value will be, depending on the kind of bet.