Asian Handicap Betting

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What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap betting is the most popular way of betting in football in the Far East.  It is increasingly making its way to Europe however, because punters love this form so much.  It increases the punter’s odds of winning by additional 50% and it eliminates a lot of the risks in comparison the UK/US betting lines. 

In Asian Handicap betting, one team is given a handicap in terms of goals (or parts of goals) to balance the match.  This eliminates any possibility of a draw, creating only two single outcomes: win or loss. 

For example, in Blackburn vs Man Utd, Blackburn could be +0.5 handicap.  This means unless Man Utd win by 1 goal or more, anyone betting on Blackburn will win.  If the actual score is 1-1 then the Asian handicap gives Blackburn a 0.5 goal lead.  The handicap for the favourite team will be a minus (-) handicap.

Like normal live-betting, the Asian odds fluctuate depending on what happens during the game or is there is heavy betting on one side (the bookie needs to balance the books).  The Asian handicap can be worth anything between 0.5 and 3 goals.  It is very unusual for an Asian Handicap to exceed this because that would signify a massive underdog and difference in quality between the two teams.

Because there are only two possible outcomes (win/loss) then If the Asian Handicap betting totals a draw the wager is returned.  This eliminates a lot of the risk from betting on a single outcome.

Asian Handicap vs. European Odds

Asian Handicap bookmakers offer much lower than the European bookmakers.  UK bookmakers take a juice of around 10%, where as Asian Handicap bookmakers only take around 2 – 5%.

The biggest advantage to Asian Handicap betting is that your team doesn’t need to win the game for you to win money betting on them.  In games where the handicap is large, you can make a lot of money underwriting the underdog because they can still draw or lose by a single goal to win.  For example, when betting on a +1.5 handicap money can still be won even if your team loses 1-0.  

You can exploit the Asian Handicap system when you know that the favorites might sit back on a 1-0 lead.  Just because a team has better players on the pitch doesn’t mean they are going to go all out and score as many goals as possible.  In two-leg cup fixtures such as the Champions League, an away goal advantages can mean a favorite team is contempt to draw 0-0 at home because they will still progress to the next round.  The tactics and mentality of the team and manager before the game affect Asian Handicap betting a lot.