Analysing and Researching Mancini’s Success at Man City

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It’s 3 days until Christmas and Manchester City fans can happily find themselves the top of the first division, 2 points ahead of Man Utd, for the first time since 1929.  The bookmakers favour City to win the title at 4/7, with their close neighbours Man Utd at 15/8 (odds supplied by William Hill).

In this article I want to take a look back a the last 2 years of Mancini’s reign and how he’s turned Manchester City from an inconsistent, middling Premier League team to serious title contenders.

Analysing Mancini’s Success at Inter Milan and Manchester City

City’s reasons for bringing in Roberto Mancini (just 45 years old) in December 2008 were built around a plan for success.  They needed someone who could build a team capable of winning domestic titles, who had a sharp eye in the transfer market, and who was a disciplinarian, ideally with some success in Europe.

That’s exactly what Mancini brought to the table.  While many commentators criticised Mancini during his first season in charge for playing boring and defensive football (seen too often by watchers of Fabio Capello’s England), you only have to look at what he accomplished in Italy to see he had something “special”.

Although he didn’t quite break the headlines like Mourinho did in 2004 (winning the UEFA Cup and Champions League with Porto in consecutive years), Mancini has consistently delivered success.  After rejuvenating financially corrupt squads at Fiorentina and Lazio, and winning the Coppa Italia with both clubs (in addition to getting Lazio to the UEFA Cup Semi-Final and qualifying for the Champions League), he got his big move to Inter Milan.

At Inter, he won 3 league titles in a row, the club’s best ever record.  He became Inter’s most successful manager in 30 years, and ironically while Mancini was sacked for not winning the Champions League, Mourinho succeeded at the same club 2 years later with a squad, which was 90%, inherited from Roberto Mancini.

How Mancini Has Changed and Improved City in the Last 2 Years

When Sheikh Mansour recruited Mancini, they knew there was far more to winning the Premier League and qualifying for Europe then just spending inordinate sums on players in the transfer market.  Hughes £18 million panic spend on the injured Santa Cruz (who Hughes had bought for just £3 million at Blackburn a couple years ago), and the £100 million rumours of bringing AC Milan star Kaka to the club, were just getting ridiculous.

Then in came Mancini, a man who has been so accustomed to building teams with financial constraints in Lazio and Fiorentina, that we knew City’s spending was never going to get ridiculous.

Starting from the back and aiming to improve the defensive record (78 goals that City had shipped in their 55 league games) under Hughes, Mancini brought in 22-year old Belgian International Vincent Kompany for £6 million.  Now argued to be one of the best defenders in the Premier League, Kompany has probably been the Premier League’s bargain of the century.

In addition to Kolo Toure, Yaya Toure and James Milner, Mancini brought players to the club with high technical ability and the discipline to keep the ball.  The French 34 year old Patrick Vieira was just the icing of the cake from this part of Mancini’s process and he also added an experienced player to his squad with 3 Premier League titles and 4 FA Cups to his name.  Mancini has since turned City’s ratio of goals conceded at the back from 1.42 per match down to 0.88 per match.

The final changes to Mancini’s squad involved bringing in a couple of proven goal scorers (Aguero and Dzeko) to shift City’s dependency on Tevez, who had scored most of their goals last season.  He also brought in attacking midfield players David Silva and Samir Nasri for a combined total of less then £45 million.

Overall, Mancini has done wonders with his squad.  He has shown the discipline where required (hence why Tevez was ousted from the squad after getting into an argument with Mancini in their Champions League away game with Bayern Munich ), he has an excellent home record (26 wins and 2 draws in the last 28 home games) and his team have outscored any other club, with 50 League goals by mid December 2011 – an unprecedented league record.

The future looks very bright for Mancini.  Even if he doesn’t win the league this season, the changes and improvements he’s made to the City team are there for everyone to see.  City have become THE team to watch this season, they have one of the best defensive records, they have won their first major trophy in over 30 years, and they even managed to beat Man Utd 6-2 at Old Trafford.  How much better could someone really be after just 2 years in the job?