About Online Sports Betting

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About Online Sports Betting

Welcome to BettingBonus.org.uk. Here you will find tons of information on the best betting bonuses along with honest reviews of betting sites for 2010.

The internet is full of punters like yourself looking for the the top betting bonuses and we’re happy to bring them to you!  Along with bonuses, BettingBonus.org.uk has brilliant articles explaining how to bet online, betting strategy and how to maximise your winnings.

Betting Bonus: £5 Instant Free Bet + £5 Deposit Bonus!

Skybet is the top UK sportsbook by miles from my personal experience.  Their UK football coverage is immense and new players get £5 free bets just for signing up – with an aditional £5 free bets when they wager £5 or more.  Players also receive an exta £5 free bet after placing 4x£5 bets.

Skybet customers can take advantage of free online Sky Sports channels which means you can watch the weekend’s football on Sky Sports 1,2 or 3 from your computer.  The “Super 6” promotion is one of the biggest hyped football draws in the UK and can only be played at Skybet; it has an outstanding prize of £100,000 to whoever can predict the weekend’s football scores.  Players can also access the latest match features and promotions from Skybet EXTRA.

About Online Sports Betting

Sports is one of the most entertaining things to watch on earth, but the excitement of all it all can be radically increased when you wager on the outcome. I remember the first bet I ever made online was in the Fifa World Cup 2002: Spain vs Ukraine. I put a £1 bet on Ukraine to win at ridiculous odds of 35-1 or something and won; after that I bet on England beating Poland 2-0 (with Crouch to score last) and won again – another £50. Ever since then I just became hooked at the propect of betting on sports and don’t ever regret signing up an account.

One of the main advantages of betting online is that bets are so simple to make and there are a bevy of sports and major events to wager on. After registering an account at a awesome site like Bet 365 you can wager on horse racing, football, darts, motor racing, boxing and a load of other games…Personally, I just think that sports betting is cool. As long as you don’t over do it, and bet little amounts that don’t destroy your credit history then you’ll be fine. Even mundane sports like cricket can be turned into UFC-esque adrenlaine rushes when you bet on the scores.

Some people have been able to make massive profits from betting online. Professional sports bettors are able to make money because of their prodigious insight and reading of the game. Especially in the UK, most football fans love to talk tactics and “transfer” gossip, and the ability to make money from your experience and knowledge of the game is a great asset. The fact is, although betting online is viewed as a reprobate and anti-social activity by stooges; it’s actually an extremely social, profitable and exciting activity. Even bingo was considered anti-social in the UK until the 50s until when new Government Reports found that over 80% of people gambled and that it was a social activity.

You can take advantage of betting bonuses whenenever you make an intial deposit online. Usually the sportsbook matches your initial deposit 100%, giving you free money to wager with. Although this might sound too good to be true, the reason they all do this is because they’re all competing for your services and will do anything to get you to play there.