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Mobile Betting Icon LogoIn the last couple of years, the mobile betting market has quite literally boomed.

It’s estimated that approximately 25% of all sports bets are placed through mobile devices, and a number of UK bookmakers such as William Hill, Betfar and Victor Chandler have all started advertising their mobile services on TV.

Mobile betting refers to placing bets on sports events on your mobile phone or remote device.  With a number of UK bookmakers and US sportsbooks launching their betting services across devices such as the iPhone, iPad 2, Android and Blackberry, the market for sports betting on the go has increased dramatically.

Best UK Mobile Sports Betting Sites 2018

Site Rating Bonus% Bonus Review Visit
1. William Hill William Hill William Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill Rating 300% £30

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2. Victor Chanlder Victor Chanlder Victor Chanlder RatingVictor Chanlder RatingVictor Chanlder RatingVictor Chanlder RatingVictor Chanlder RatingVictor Chanlder RatingVictor Chanlder RatingVictor Chanlder Rating 100% £25

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3. Betfair Betfair Betfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair Rating 100% £25

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4. Paddy Power Paddy Power Paddy Power RatingPaddy Power RatingPaddy Power RatingPaddy Power RatingPaddy Power RatingPaddy Power RatingPaddy Power Rating 100% £50

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Find Sports Betting Apps for Different Mobile Devices:

Sports betting customers can find reviews and information the best sports betting apps for different devices on our site.  Whether you’re looking for iPad betting apps, US sportsbooks or exclusive mobile promotions, you’ll find everything you need at  Have a look below for our recommended apps for you device.

History of Mobile Sports Betting in the UK

The first mobile sportsbook facilities were WAP enabled, allowing cell phone users to place bets using a WAP enabled browser.  Telephone betting was also quite popular and still is today (many US bettors still place overnighters through the phone on the NFL Superbowl).

The launch of the Apple iPhone in 2007 was the catalyst for the fast growing mobile gaming market that we see today.  In late 2009, the UK’s biggest bookmakers including Betfair, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Victor Chandler all launched independent betting apps exclusive for the iPhone.

These gambling apps proved to be a critical success.  Betfair more than doubled their mobile sports revenues from £4 million up to £9 million from 2009 – 2010.  More than 25% of William Hill’s £174 million profits for 2010 also came from mobile revenue and turnover.  In fact, William Hill’s online betting and mobile services has virtually replaced their offline bookmaker profits which make up less than 20% of total turnover.

Advantages of Mobile Gaming for Users

The best thing about mobile gambling is that most betting sites provide  apps and services across a full range of devices. for example offers sports betting across the iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry and other markets.  Their SkyVegas app also provide real money gambling games such as video slots, blackjack and video poker across remote devices.

Betfair, William Hill, and Ladbroke’s mobile betting services all offer the full range of markets as you’ll find at their main websites.  Mobile betting apps allow users to bet either in-play or beforehand, deposit directly from your mobile phone and access your account, view all of the odds, use a betting calculator and keep up to date with the latest scores.

The main advantages of sports betting on your mobile is that you can place bets away from your computer using the full range of markets. If you’re at a Premier League football match than you can bet on your team whilst watching the game.  You can also view the latest odds for other games (including next goal scorer, correct score, number of goals scored) and other features.

If you have an iPhone and download the William Hill sports betting app from the Apple App Store then you can start funding your account and placing bets within a matter of seconds.  You can access the same account from the computer or your mobile.

How to Download Sports Betting Apps to your Phone:

You can open a mobile betting account at most uk betting sites simply by going to the mobile section of the website and downloading the app for your device.  Or you can visit the URL on your mobile (e.g. and you can access the mobile betting facilities without downloading anything.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can register or log into your account at any time, make a deposit/withdrawal or place a bet.

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